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Land survey and GPS expertise worldwide Topographical land surveyors survey services include:
Topographic site surveys | Hydrographic | GPS services | Ground Control | Aerial Mapping | Consultancy | Lidar | GIS Asset Inventory | Pipeline mapping | Highway surveys | Land surveys | Airport surveying | Floodplain mapping
| Terrestrial Laser Scanning | Ecological Surveys | Photomontage | BIM | Storage Tanks

It is the aim of Merrett Survey to meet the needs of our clients by providing a high quality cost effective topographical survey service (Geomatics as it is now known). Our surveying capabilities are wide ranging and include:-
Topographical site survey, ground support of airborne laser scanning - Lidar, terrestrial laser scanning, GPS - ( Global Positioning System ) expertise, conventional land surveying, consultancy for surveying specifications, near-shore hydrographic survey - bathymetry - tide and current monitoring, GIS data acquisition, aerial mapping and photogrammetry.
Our specialisations include the practical application of GPS to any surveying task, especially lidar ( airborne laser scanning ) and pipeline mapping.

Contact Merrett Survey at an early stage in your project development plans for advice on all topographic survey matters and a full land survey service. Merretts offer professional land surveying - anywhere on the planet.

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